LIC's Jeevan Mitha (Triple Benefit) Features & Details

Friday, May 17, 2013


LIC's Jeevan Mitha (Triple Benefit) Features & Details | Features, Benefits Reviews, Premium, Maturity and Risk Cover

What does LIC's Jeevan Mitra (Triple Cover) Offer you?

Sum Insured + Bonus Accrued For the Policy Term chosen, on your surviving the premium payment term you have chosen (15 to 30 years), 3 times the basic sum Insured + Bonus accrued on the basic sum insured in case you do not outlive the premium payment term you have chosen ( 15 to 30 years)
4 times the basic sum insured in case death is due to accident against a little extra, Waiver of further premium payable + Basic Sum Insured spread over in the form of an Annuity for next 10 years + All other Maturity benefits in case of Total and Permanent Disability due to Accident, Loan against surrender value at 9.00% per annum simple interest,

Why Should You Invest On LIC's Jeevan Mitra (Triple Benefit)?

Financial security available to your nominee in your absence during the currency of the plan is maximum, Maturity Benefit available should you outlive the PPT you have chosen is quite impressive, Premium paid qualifies for Section 80 C benefit within the overall limit of Rs 1 Lakh per annum allowed for various savings, Policy proceeds received by you on surviving the PPT chosen are free from income-tax under section 10(10D) of the I.T Act.

Policy loans available under the plan offer you additional investment facilities without effecting any of the policy privileges, Most ideal as a collateral security while drawing housing or any capital loans in view of the high security it offers.

These are some of the prominent reasons why you should invest on LIC's Jeevan Mitra (Triple Benefit) as much as you can.

How long you need to Invest on LIC's Jeevan Mitra (Triple Benefit)?

15 to 30 years ceasing at death, if it occurs early.

What are the Modes of Investment available under LIC's Jeevan Mitra (Triple Benefit)?

Yearly, Half-yearly or Quarterly or Monthly.

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